Pioneers in the Tiny Home World

Decades of Excellence: Pioneers in Off-Site Construction Since 2011

Tiny homes took center stage when interest rates started rising dramatically in 2022.  The price point of our homes are set at a level where you can own your new home at a fraction of the price. 

We’ll soon be unveiling an option where different rooms of a home can be picked, ala carte, and combined into one home to the owner’s liking.

Our experience in off-site construction methods includes building hotels and apartment complexes out of our commercial facility and shipping the fully finished units to multiple states.  This method of construction allows a building to be constructed in record time as the foundation and site work are completed while the building is being constructed off-site.

Additional off-site construction experience was utilized in our RTM (Ready To Move) facility, where we’ve built completely finished, high-end homes and delivered them to the homeowner’s lot, utilizing house-moving equipment to locations in the Dakotas and Minnesota. 

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